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Jon Christensen's Range Rover Page

In January of 2001 I purchased a very abused and neglected 1990 Range Rover that was sitting in the parking lot at Marshal Motors in Chandler. The car was in rough shape, the interior had been vandalized, the paint had oxidized beyond salvage, but it had only 66,000 miles on the clock! I have never had a daily driver with air conditioning before, so it's been nice! I replaced it with a newer Land Rover in 2007.

Here is my 1990 range rover covered in primer getting ready for a new paint job. These photos were taken in June of 2001. I didn't like the wheels it came with, so I bolted on the wheels that used to be on my Discovery. They were just sitting around anyway.

These is a shot of the truck while the new paint was being wet sanded.

I was pleased with the final paint job. The work was done by Diamond Auto Painting on 7th Ave & Camelback in Phoenix.

I visited the paint shop often and enjoyed giving the proprietor a hard time. (That's him on the right)

The wood on the center console was trashed, so I bought some Burled English Walnut from Woodworker's Source and replaced it (with a little help).