2021 Photos

2021 Photos
Hole in the Rock 2021

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Baja 2021

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White Rim trail 2021

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Halo around the moon.
Camping near Moki Dugway
View from White Rim trail, Utah
Grand Canyon from 40,000 feet.
Canyonlands from Maze District
Camping in the Maze District of Canyonlands
Camping in the Maze District of Canyonlands
La Bufadora (Blow Hole) in Baja
La Bufadora Inn, Baja, Mexico
Fisherman and his family.
Camping in Baja
Baja Sunrise
Cactus Flower
Mushrooms in my backyard growing over composting cactus pads.
The view from Point Sublime.
Kaibab forest on the north rim of the Grand Canyon.
Toroweap Overlook looking west.
The night sky from Tuweep campground.
Mollies Nipple in Utah